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Life Assurance & Pensions

We need to provide financial protection for our dependents in the event of a premature death and the level of life assurance needed changes from time to time.

We offer life cover from a wide range fo providers so you get a great deal

You might be surprised at how little this can cost

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Pension & Retirement

There is a good chance that you will live for twenty or more years after you retire, so it's very important to plan your finances well in advance.

State pensions are declining, and likely to reduce further in future.

We can help yo choose the right pension.

We can also help small and large dompanies with their retirement planning for their staff.


Wen you retire you will use your pension fund to provide an income for the rest of your life.

This is called an nuity and it is important to note that you can buy this from any authorised provider - not ust the pension company you saved with.

At Green Finance we will research the markets to find the very best anuity offer for you.

Individual s with certain medical conditions or smokers can sometimes get a higher income from specialist providers.

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Serious Illness Cover

Whereas life assurance only pays out on the death of a policy holder, serious illness assurance pays out a sum of money if you are diagnosed with a major illness such as heart disease, stroke, cancer etc.

The money can be used for whatever you like and children can be covered as well as adults

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Income Protection

We all insure lots of things during our lifetime but often omit a most important one - our income.

Income protection will provide you with an income right up to your normal income and covers any illness, injurty or disability.

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